Have you ever censored your own thoughts because you worried that you could be criticized or even canceled for posting your beliefs or opinions online?

Attorney Robert Shibley, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), says over half of Americans are not saying how they feel for fear of offending others or being canceled.

“People can’t be full participants in our society if they are not allowed to – or if they feel that the pressure on them is too intense – that they can’t express their own beliefs,” says Shibley in this digital exclusive from Wednesday’s episode of of Dr. Phil, “You Can’t Post That!”

Watch more from Wednesday’s episode as Dr. Phil and his guests discuss the self-censorship debate on the internet and social media, including the fundamental misunderstanding about the true extent of “freedom of speech” under the First Amendment.

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‘Cancel Culture Ruins Everything,’ Says Vlogger

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Playing ‘Cancel Culture Ruins Everything,’ Says Vlogger