Owning a pet can be the best thing in the world. They give you companionship, unconditional love, exercise, and add structure to your life. However, taking care of a pet can be difficult, especially when the pet’s behavior is challenging.
In the Dr. Phil Digital Exclusive video above, an audience member shares that she adopted a dog before the pandemic to be her emotional support animal – but she says she’s now his emotional support.

“He’s very, very anxious. He’s part pit bull and maybe border collie,” she says. “He is, like, vicious when we walk him. He lunges at men because he was abused. Scared of everybody … It’s really hard to walk him and kind of scary, sometimes.”
Jas Leverette, star of the Netflix show Canine Intervention and owner and operator of California K9 Solutions, aka Cali K9, shares what he would do to help socialize the dog. Hear his thoughts in the video above.
On Thursday's episode, “Disturbing Pet Trends,” hear from a woman who was robbed and pistol-whipped in her home as her dog was stolen. And, another woman shares how she and her small dog were attacked by a pit bull and Akita while out for a walk. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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