“One of the things you’ve heard me say and that I feel so strongly about is that we do not, in our school systems, equip people, teach people, give folks the coping skills they need to deal with what they encounter in life,” Dr. Phil says. “We don’t teach people how to live. We don’t teach people how to cope. And, that’s something that I believe is so important that we add to school curriculums.”
Dr. Phil points out that currently, there are many children with anxiety, depression, and loneliness – some of the highest numbers in history – and they are not equipped with tools to address these emotions.

“I’m just talking about teaching people, teaching students, about what’s anxiety, what’s depression, what are red flags, what are coping skills, how do you handle stress and pressure,” Dr. Phil continues.
Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the Dr. Phil Digital Exclusive video above, including what he’s doing to try to get this curriculum added in schools.
On Monday’s episode, “Overcoming Disaster,” two families share their stories of surviving life-threatening disasters and how the aftermath is still affecting them. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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