Tony, an aspiring rapper, claims he’s on the verge of signing a million-dollar contract with a major label. He says he has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and even makes an income from his video views.

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Tony says when it comes to his rapping, his alter ego, Tony DeYoung, takes over and allows him to say and do what he wants.

“As Tony, I’m able to blast anybody that gets in my way. I go off on them, and I tear them down. I exploit people’s weaknesses, and I turn them into really good rap songs,” he says proudly. “Tony gets angry, and he’s not afraid to tell it how it is.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil examines some of Tony’s lyrics.

“You incite violence three times,” Dr. Phil says, adding that the N-word can be heard 11 times in one of his songs.

How does Tony explain his choices?

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The Dr. Phil show reached out to the record labels that Tony says are interested in him. Does he really have a contract waiting for him from a major record label? And a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum music producer offers Tony advice. How does Tony react?

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Grammy Nominated Producer Delivers Some Tough Love To Aspiring Rapper