Angela claims her ex Geddy is a “monster” who is molesting their 2-year-old son.

“I’m very scared of my son’s father Geddy. I don’t know what he’s capable of,” Angela says. “When my son comes home from his father’s house for their overnight visits, he’s covered in bruises,” she claims, further claiming that one time her son told her his dad gave him a "boo boo." “It looked as if he had a handprint on his back, and the lower part of his back was blue. He had two giant pink marks on the center of his lower back, which are the marks from Geddy’s rings.”

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Geddy is adamant that there is absolutely no truth to Angela’s allegations and claims she is a vindictive, jilted ex-lover who is obsessed with him and is using their innocent son to make his life a living hell.

“I have never molested or physically abused my son,” says Geddy who says he would never hurt his son and is fed up with the allegations. “The day she got served with contempt papers is the day that she pressed charges on me for abusing my child.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil examines a video that Angela took when her son returned from a visit with Geddy that she says proves Geddy abused the child, and has some tough questions for her.

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil tells the exes what he thinks they need to do to for the sake of their son’s wellbeing. And, Geddy agrees to take a polygraph -- see what the results reveal. Watch more here.