Nineteen-year-old Austin Harrouff is accused of stabbing a Florida couple to death before tearing the flesh off one of the victim’s face and abdomen with his teeth. The attack on Michelle Mishcon Stevens, 53, and John Stevens III, 59, occurred at the couple’s home near Jupiter, Florida on August 15, 2016. Harrouff also allegedly stabbed the Stevens' neighbor, Jeff Fisher, 47, who was injured, but survived the attack.

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A recap of events reported in the early days of the investigation can be seen in the video above.

Palm Beach County Sherriff’s deputies claim they found Austin biting John Stevens’ face and abdomen; and that it took multiple officers, a stun gun and a K9 unit (police dog) to stop him. Authorities say they initially suspected Harrouff was high on the street drug “Flakka,” a psychoactive stimulant that has been linked to other violent acts. Toxicology results later reportedly revealed there were no traces of either “Flakka” or any other hallucinogen in Harrouff’s system on the night of the attack.

After officers subdued him, Harrouff was taken to a local hospital for emergency care where they say he was treated for his own injuries stemming from his struggle with the police and suspected poisoning which may have resulted from the consumption of caustic chemicals.

Harrouff has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and one count of attempted murder in the case.

In a pair of exclusive interviews recorded in the days and weeks following the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Dr. Phil spoke first, with Austin Harrouff’s father, Dr. Wade Harrouff; and later – with the accused man himself – just before he was transferred from the hospital to Jail.

Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with the alleged killer airs for the first time, Thursday. Click here to find out where you can watch.

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