Jerica, a 27-year-old mom, says she was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the summer of 2017. She claims she has upward of 10 alters, or “programs,” that work together to protect her and help her to function day-to-day.

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“There’s one identity, but it’s fragmented into different parts,” says Dr. Phil, in the video above.

Explaining why DID should not be confused with split personality or multiple personality disorder, he says, “It’s characterized by identity division, rather than a creation of separate personalities.”

“So, if you get in a situation where the stress is overwhelming your coping skills,” he continues, “then you will escape that situation by leaving that part of your identity and just going to another part of your identity. You vacate that awareness.”

When Dr. Phil refers Jerica to the Lawlis Peavey Psycho Neuro Plasticity (PNP) Center to help her in her journey toward recovery, does she accept?

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