Dawson says he hates hearing the word "no" and it makes his blood boil. He says when he gets angry, he hits things because it makes him feel “really good.” The 16-year-old says he also has trouble at school and was kicked out of high school and suspended from alternative school because of his behavior.
“I get in trouble at school every day. There’s kids there that I don’t get along with, and I’m always fighting and arguing,” Dawson says. “I can’t read or write. In my opinion, there’s no point in me going to school.”

Dawson was diagnosed with dyslexia, and his mother says it’s severe. Dr. Phil explains to the teen and his parents how dyslexia may be causing some of his behavioral issues.
“One of the most prominent experiences for dyslexics, particularly during school age, is frustration and embarrassment,” Dr. Phil tells the family. “One thing we know is that anger is real dominant and it’s directed primarily at parents and teachers. So the fact that he’s angry with you guys and feels like you nag him, and badger him, and push him, and all of that, he didn’t invent that. It’s true of most dyslexics.”
Hear what else Dr. Phil says may be contributing to Dawson's behavior in the video above.
Does Dawson want to change? See what happens on Thursday’s episode, "Our Teen Refuses to Let Us Parent Him.” Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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