Kayleigh says she’s struggled with her body image since she was a teenager, and has extreme anxiety about everyone looking at and judging her. The 31-year-old claims things have become so bad, she has extreme difficulty leaving her house and often spends hours alone in the dark.

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Her boyfriend, Bradley, claims, Kayleigh is “deeply immersed” in her body dysmorphia. He says it’s undermining their relationship.

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil talks with Kayleigh about what he calls her internal dialogue. “It’s the positive or negative self-talk that shapes the perception you have of yourself and the world around you,” he says.

Continuing, Dr. Phil explains how one negative message from another person can become internalized and replayed over-and-over again in the mind.

“A bully, a father, some guy when you’re 17 that you’re dating can say, ‘That girl’s prettier than you, so I’m dumping your ass and I’m going with her. You’re not good enough.’ They can say that to you one time, one time,” he says. “But then, the bully leaves and the person takes over for the bully and starts repeating what they said.”

He asks Kayleigh, “Do you realize how many times you are pounding that message home, pounding, pounding, pounding, pounding that message home?”

“Yeah, I just don’t know how to stop it. It just keeps on,” she responds. “It’s like, I can’t switch it off.”

“This isn’t just psychological,” says Dr. Phil. “It affects your brain. And it changes your brain.”

What steps does he give Kayleigh to help her stop the negative self-talk?

This episode airs Friday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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Six Steps To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

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Six Steps To Eliminate Negative Self-Talk