Brothers Jonas, 23, and Tristan, 21, currently live with their father, Xavier, who claims his sons do drugs, steal, damage the house and are violent and abusive toward him.

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The brothers deny physically abusing their dad and claim he’s the one who picks fights with them. They acknowledge vandalizing the house and stealing from Xavier and also admit to smoking marijuana on a daily basis.

“It’s not the answer,” says Jonas, “but it does make me feel a different way than feeling anxious. It’s better than feeling anxious or depressed.”

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On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil explains the physical effects of marijuana on the brain, noting that, “When you continue to use marijuana on a regular basis, your motivational level goes down, your initiation levels go down, your ability to get yourself started – and making plans and moving forward goes down.”

Adding that continuous use can result in difficulties with thinking, problem-solving, memory, learning, impaired reaction times, coordination, concentration and more, he says “All of these things are associated with regular use of marijuana. And every one of those things are weaving in and out of one of your lives.”

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Do the brothers say they’re ready to stop using?

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