Kelly claims her father forced her into a sexual relationship with him when she was 12 years old. She claims he made her his sex slave and that she got pregnant four times, giving birth to two of her father’s children.

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Kelly says her father also groomed her to be his “wife,” taking care of the household, ironing his clothes and preparing meals for him. She claims he “brainwashed” her into believing this was a “normal life.”

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She also says he threatened her that something bad would happen if she ever revealed the truth about their relationship, so she kept quiet.

Dr. Phil explains “emotional extortion” to Kelly.

“This is a powerful thing that abusers use. They use your emotion to extort your silence,” Dr. Phil says. “They say, ‘If you do this, you will be responsible for my death. You will be responsible for my going to prison.’”

“He said it all the time,” Kelly says.

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“He also convinced you that this was all consensual, right?" Dr. Phil asks. “You’re going along with this; you have nothing to complain about.”

Kelly confirms. “I didn’t want to do any of it, and I would tell him, ‘I don’t want to do this. Please stop,’” she says.

In the video above, hear what Kelly claims happened when she tried to run away from her father’s home. And, Dr. Phil shares an important message with her.

On Tuesday’s episode, hear how Kelly was finally saved. And, hear from her mother and why she says she gave up on trying to get custody of Kelly and her siblings. Check here to see where you can watch.

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‘I Gave Birth To Two Children Who Were Fathered By My Dad’