Siblings say their childhood was filled with chaos and instability, due in large part to their mom, Janet.
Matt says that when his parents got divorced, it felt like his mom “lost touch with reality.” “My mom was definitely more of a friend than a mother,” he says. “I felt as though my mom prioritized her husbands over her children.” 

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Matt says he’s tried to discuss the past with their mom, but she gets very defensive. “If I confront my mom about the past, she is very uncomfortable speaking about it. She doesn’t feel as though our childhood was bad at all,” Matt says. “I feel as though I am definitely stuck in the middle and having to play peacemaker between my mother and my sisters. I am very sick of being in the middle of their issues.”

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In the video above, Matt’s sisters share their experiences with their mother. And, when Janet attempts to explain her behavior, Dr. Phil interrupts to point out a flaw in her reasoning.
On Thursday’s episode, hear how the siblings say Janet ruined her daughter’s wedding day. Will Janet take accountability for her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

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