Michelle and her daughters, Megan and Brandy, say Michelle’s mother, Gail, is convinced she’s engaged to the musician Post Malone and they haven’t been able to persuade her that the person she’s been talking to for the past two years is scamming her.

Gail admits she has sent thousands of dollars to the person claiming to be Post Malone, as well as given him access to her social security number and banking information, but adamantly denies that she is being taken advantage of. She also claims that “Post Malone” is controlling her through her cell phone. Dr. Phil provides Gail with proof that the person she has been talking to is not who she thinks he is, which Gail rejects.

When Dr. Phil asks Gail if she’ll agree to get a neurological exam, what is her response?

In “The Bubble Over My Head,” Dr. Phil asks, “Do you all see why this is not just a catfish story?” Watch the video above to hear him explain.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “‘Post Malone’ Love Story or Scam?” airs Monday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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