Nicole says her addiction to alcohol is a life or death issue. The 27-year-old claims she’s been drinking since the age of 15, has multiple DUIs and has even blacked out behind the wheel.

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Nicole’s parents, Nels and Christi, say they’re worried that she’s literally drinking herself to death.

Nels says they’ve tried intimidation, encouragement, and pleading with their daughter to stop drinking, but never had any success.

Christi says they’ve depleted their retirement spending thousands of dollars on hospitalizations, rehab, fines, and bail for their daughter. “I say you’ve enabled her, and I made a list of what I’m talking about,” says Dr. Phil to Christi on Monday’s episode.

“You’ve paid her hospital bills, cleaned her house when she was too drunk to do it, bought her groceries, paid for fire damages, refused to kick her out of the house when she is belligerent, name-calling, fighting, just all of that; because you’re living minute to minute.”

Why does Dr. Phil say Christi’s actions may be crippling her daughter long-term? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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‘If I Don’t Stop, I Will Die,’ Says Woman Of Her Drinking