Debbie went to prison for two years after shooting her husband, Dominick, during an argument 22 years ago. He was left paralyzed for the rest of his life. Claiming she was a “battered wife” who only shot in self-defense after Dominick threatened her with a knife, Debbie says she blacked out during the shooting, and doesn’t remember how she got the cut she found on her arm after the shooting.

WATCH: Daughter Claims Mom Lied About Shooting Dad In Self-Defense: ‘I Believe She Wanted To Kill Him’

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Claiming her mother is lying, Debbie’s daughter, Lace, who was just 6 at the time of the shooting, says she believes Debbie cut herself to make it look like she was attacked by Dominick, and claims her mom wanted her father dead.

Debbie denies Lace’s claims, saying, “I hope to put some people’s minds at ease,” as she prepares to undergo a polygraph examination with former FBI Special Agent Jack Trimarco.

What happens on the day of the examination that causes Debbie to say, “I think it’s unfair and I’m not going to do it,”?

And why does Trimarco say that emotionally, Debbie is “not capable of taking an exam”? Watch the video above.

Then, tune in to Wednesday’s episode for a special tribute from Dr. Phil and his staff honoring friend and longtime contributor Jack Trimarco, who died Aug. 6, 2018.

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