Charles and Sally’s marriage is falling apart. During their 12-year relationship, Sally has left Charles 19 times, and now he fears she’s going to leave him for good – which he says is causing him emotional and physical distress -- and he's desperate to save the union. Sally says she’s done, so much so, she has been dating a new man, Alan, an elder in a synagogue, whom Sally sought for guidance.

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Dr. Phil introduces Coach Mike Bayer, a personal development coach, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member and show contributor, and CEO of CAST Centers, who offers Charles advice.

“I feel like the universe, higher powers, [are] all communicating to you that this is not the right fit,” Coach Mike tells him.

As Charles responds, Dr. Phil stops the conversation to address Alan. Watch what happens in the video above and why Dr. Phil has Alan escorted off the stage. Also, hear more of Coach Mike’s advice.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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Coach Mike Bayer Offers Advice To Man For Coming To Terms With The End Of His Marriage