Sam and Steve say there’s a lot of conflict in their marriage. Steve claims Sam won’t communicate with him and that there’s a lack of intimacy, while Sam claims Steve has angry outbursts that frighten her. Both say their 10-year-old son has challenging behaviors that also contribute to the stress in their relationship.

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“I want you two to look at each other, and I mean look at each other, because this is something you don’t do very much,” Dr. Phil tells the couple on Monday’s episode. Then he instructs them to tell one another what each of them wishes the other would stop doing.

“I need you to stop being so angry at everything and start talking to me,” Sam tells Steve. “I need you to stop cursing at our son.”

“I need you to stop shutting me out,” Steve says to Sam. “I need you to open up.”

As the exercise concludes, Dr. Phil recommends that the couple engage in a similar dialogue (or dyad) in their own home, following instructions from his book, “Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner.”

“And you’re going to get in this dyad 14 days in a row, knees to knees, eyeball to eyeball, and you’re going to answer some very structured questions for each other that I think are going to lead you down a path of rediscovering one another that you will not believe.

Do Sam and Steve agree to give their relationship another try? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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