Sandi and Peter are engaged and plan to get married once Sandi flies to Nigeria in a few weeks. Although Sandi is 60 and Peter is 22, they both say their love is real.
Sandi’s daughters say they believe their mom is being scammed, and they fear what will happen to her if she flies to Nigeria. Peter denies he is scamming Sandi and insists that he loves her.

TJ Seaman, a Dr. Phil correspondent in Nigeria, interviewed Peter and his sister, Mercy, to learn more about Peter. During his interview with Mercy, he discovered some inconsistencies between what she said about her family life and what Peter has told Sandi. He also says he noticed some “interesting behavior” during Peter’s interview. Watch the video above. And, find out why he says he believes Peter and Mercy could drain Sandi’s money.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "The Truth Behind Sandi’s Fiancé: Revealed," will Sandi listen to her daughters’ concerns, or will she fly to Nigeria to marry Peter? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: 22-Year-Old Nigerian Denies He’s Scamming 60-Year-Old American Fiancée, Says It’s ‘Pure Love’

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