With two DUI’s, three car crashes, a suspended license and multiple stints in rehab, 32-year-old Stephanie says she continues to drink because she hasn’t been able to move beyond several traumatizing events from her past which she claims are her mother, Michele’s, fault.

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Michele denies ruining Stephanie’s life. She admits she’s made mistakes in the past but says Stephanie should “get over it.” Michele says she resents giving up her dreams to support her alcohol-dependent daughter for the last 10 years.

“When you drink as long as you’ve been drinking, as hard as you’ve been drinking, it changes your brain,” Dr. Phil tells Stephanie, adding, “And when I say it changes your brain, it runs your emotions, it runs your intellect, it runs everything.”

Telling Stephanie about Hannah’s House at Origins Behavioral Healthcare, a leading dual diagnosis and treatment center for addiction and underlying trauma, Dr. Phil says, “I’m willing to help you, and I’m willing to help you, conditionally.”

What does he ask Stephanie to do? Does she say she’s up to the task?

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