Brooke claims that God, Jesus, and other spirits speak to her. She says this is causing problems in her marriage to Jack. She says she gets angry with her husband because he refuses to listen to her talk about her beliefs respectfully. She also claims Jack’s drinking is causing them to fight more. “When I start talking and Jack’s been drinking, it’s like a war,” says Brooke.

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“Brooke says that me drinking is a big part of our problem,” says Jack. “I say my drinking is how I deal with the problem.”

Jack admits he gets angry with Brooke who he claims rages at him whenever he questions her beliefs. “When Brooke starts her demeaning remarks and belittling me, it pushes me to grab another beer - It’s my escape.” Jack says he sometimes drinks up to 18 beers in a single day.

“When you see anger, It is nothing more than an outward manifestation of hurt, fear, or frustration,” says Dr. Phil on Monday's episode.

Can Brooke and Jack’s marriage be salvaged? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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