Fifteen-year-old Madison admits to smoking marijuana, taking LSD, and joyriding in her mother’s car. She claims she’s “just a fun-loving teen” who’s misunderstood by her parents, Tom and Karen; but her parents claim Madison has also had charges filed against her for domestic battery and grand theft auto.

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On MWednesday’s episode, Madison walked off the Dr. Phil stage after hearing her grandmother, Jan, would be joining the conversation. On Thursday's show, Madison returns, joining her parents and grandmother.

“I think that Madison is out of control. I think she has no respect for boundaries, I think she has no respect for either of you,” says Dr. Phil, addressing Tom and Karen.

With additional alleged transgressions pending legal review, things could get worse for the teen. “If that happens, I would allow the system to take its course, because, at some point, she needs to understand that when you choose the behavior you choose the consequences, it’s just that simple.”

Is there an alternative to time behind bars for Madison? Click here to find out where to watch Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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