Lois says she met a man in a motel room in 2019 and gave him $9,000 in exchange for what was supposed to be a suitcase from her former online sweetheart, “The General.” She says she didn’t receive the luggage, but, instead, claims she was given stacks of “white money” – camouflaged U.S. currency – that require being washed in a “special” solution from France before they can be used.

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Lois says the man washed three bills in the solution in front of her, revealing $100 bills underneath the white coating, and proving to her that the “white money” was real.

Agreeing to have the bills she says she was given tested on-air, Lois shipped the “white money” inside her personal safe to Dr. Phil producers, where it has remained locked inside a private office ensuring no one else had access to it. She mailed the key separately.

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“The paper is not real paper that they print money on,” says Dr. Phil after washing several of the “bills” in the special solution.

When, instead of revealing $100 bills, the “white money” falls apart in Dr. Phil’s hands, How does Lois respond?

Part two of this three-part episode airs Tuesday. Check here to find your local listing.

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