Peter insists he loves his 60-year-old American fiancée, Sandi. He says that after eight months of talking online, he proposed to her over the internet with a ring Sandi purchased and can’t wait to “give her the world” once she comes to Nigeria and marries him.
In an effort to learn more about Peter -- and to help determine if he is being honest with Sandi about his motives – a Dr. Phil Nigerian correspondent interviewed Peter’s sister. See what this woman, Mercy, revealed during her interview in the video above. And, Dr. Phil points out an inconsistency between what Mercy says and what Peter has told Sandi. How does Peter explain?
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "The Truth Behind Sandi’s Fiancé: Revealed," hear why Sandi’s daughters say they fear their mom is being scammed, an allegation Peter denies. And, meet a Nigerian correspondent who interviewed Peter and Mercy and hear what he says were some “interesting” behaviors he noticed. Will Sandi listen to her daughters’ concerns, or will she fly to Nigeria to marry Peter? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: 22-Year-Old Nigerian Denies He’s Scamming 60-Year-Old American Fiancée, Says It’s ‘Pure Love’

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