When the Camp Fire broke out in Northern California on November 8, 2018, the public watched the shocking and heartbreaking images of people fleeing for their lives desperately trying to escape what is being called the deadliest, most-destructive wildfire in California history. Raging for two weeks, the fire burned thousands of homes and businesses, decimated the small town of Paradise and left dozens dead and many missing.

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Without the quick thinking and fast acting help of Paradise Fire Chief David Hawks, some patients in the local hospital would not have made it out alive.

Dedicated to sharing the stories of brave first responders in his Behind the Badge series, Dr. Phil highlights the remarkable work of Chief Hawks and all the first responders who worked to save lives and property during the Camp Fire.

“Your leadership in that situation shone through with the discipline and professionalism of all the men, and that leadership and professionalism saved a lot of lives, Chief, and we just want to acknowledge that,” Dr. Phil says.

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