Renee, who has been married to Harold for 35 years, says she has been talking to a man online for the last four years. She says this man, “Tom Nunez Hughs,” is more romantic than her husband, and she can’t wait until he can return from South Africa, where he’s stuck, so she can divorce Harold and she and “Tom” can start a life together. 

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Renee says that before going to South Africa for his automobile exporting business, “Tom” traveled to London from his home in Fremont, CA.
Dr. Phil sent a producer to the address in Fremont where “Tom” claims he has a house. Watch the video above to see what the producer discovers. Plus, Dr. Phil reviews what an investigator learned about “Tom,” and what “Tom’s” text messages reveal.

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Does Renee still believe “Tom” is a real person in love with her, or will she admit she’s fallen for an online predator like her children have tried to convince her?
This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.