Sadara says she’s been in trouble most of the last three years. The 15-year-old admits to smoking, drinking, stealing and repeatedly running away from home. She claims she acts out because her father, Robert, calls her names, has shackled her ankles to prevent her from sneaking out at night and treats her like she’s “nothing” to him.

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Robert admits he’s a strict disciplinarian. He says that’s because Sadara needs to “straighten up her act.”

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil asks Robert, “Are you coming here seeking solutions?"

“Yes, I am,” says Robert.

“I’m questioning that because your conduct since you have been here does not suggest to me that you’re taking it seriously,” replies Dr. Phil.

Watch the video above to hear how Robert responds when he’s asked about reports he was disrespectful toward members of the Dr. Phil staff.

This episode airs Friday. Check here to find out where you can watch.


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