On May 29, 2016, Alexandria was driving on Hana Highway in Maui, when her SUV went off a cliff landing 200 feet below. While she survived the accident, her twin sister, Anastasia, with whom she was extremely close, was killed. It has been reported that the two were in a volatile argument before the crash, and that Anastasia was found with a clump of Alexandria’s hair in her hand.

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Thursday, Alexandria speaks out for the first time about what happened in the car leading up to the accident. After she shares some details with Dr. Phil, he questions whether there is more to the story.

“Are you just not wanting to say anything negative about your sister?” he asks.

WATCH: Woman Accused Of Killing Twin Sister In Car Crash Recalls What Happened Before Accident

In the video above, Dr. Phil gives his take on what may have occurred between the sisters in the car before the accident. How does Alexandria respond?

Watch more of this exclusive interview on Thursday. Check here to see where you can tune in.

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'There Was No Bad Intent Here,' Dr. Phil Tells Woman Who Drove Car That Plunged Off Cliff, Killing Sister