Hector Campos shot and killed his neighbor Ana Weed after the two reportedly got into an altercation in the driveway in front of their homes in Spring, Texas. Campos claims he shot Weed in self-defense after he says he was attacked by Weed and her dogs. But her family says they believe he was out for revenge after a months-long feud.

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In the video above from Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Campos, Dr. Phil questions Campos’ reasoning for shooting his neighbor.

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“You’ve got a 53-year-old grandmother, 5’ 5”, maybe weighs 130, 140 pounds. She’s got two dogs over there, and she comes at you and pushes you, and you pull a gun and shoot her dead. Does that seem reasonable?” he asks.

Campos says he could not get away from her or the dogs. “The dogs were on my feet, and she had just pushed me off balance,” he claims. “She came after me, after my throat. That’s all the information I had at that time.”

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When Dr. Phil offers Campos’ explanation to Weed’s family, their attorney, Charles Johnson, responds.

“She couldn’t even lift her hands above shoulder level,” he claims, noting that she had just had neck surgery. “How is she going to reach for his neck when she couldn’t even get her hands above shoulder level? And she’s in a position low to the ground with the dog, and he walks over and he executes her.”

On Wednesday’s episode, hear if Campos, who has been charged with one count of murder, says he would change anything about the interaction and if he has any remorse. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Man Who Shot Neighbor Dead: 'She Was The Element That Caused This'