Suzie is at odds with neighbors in her small town. She claims a “gang of bullies” – some of whom used to be her friends – started a social media group where they talk bad about her and have accused her of criminal acts, which she completely denies. She says she would never hurt a soul and is the real victim.

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Alisa and her husband, Michael, claim they were victims of Suzie. The couple, who admits to starting the Facebook group about Suzie, claim she evicted them from a home they were renting and took their $5,000 deposit. They say others in the group claim Suzie has sliced a horse’s throat, slashed tires, hacked a phone and tampered with locks.

WATCH: Grandmother And Granddaughter Claim Woman Has Sliced Their Horse’s Throat, Hacked Their Phones, Tampered With Locks

In the video above from Thursday’s episode  of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil questions Suzie about her prior criminal activity. How does she explain her behavior?

“There seems to be a pattern of conflict,” Dr. Phil says to Suzie. “You seem to be in conflict with a lot of people.”

On Wednesday, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for Suzie and her accusers. Check here to see where you can watch.

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