Kaden claims that her boyfriend, Matthew, was sexually abused as a child and that she knew this right when she met him, due, in part, to her "psychic abilities." She says that he was living in a dumpster and she is the only person helping him get past the trauma and move forward, because she claims his mom and grandma ignored the signs of abuse and do not love him or help him. Watch more of her story here.

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However, Matthew’s mom and grandmother deny that he was abused and claim that Kaden is “brainwashing” Matthew into believing he was harmed.

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Matthew says his girlfriend, 24 years his senior, is the only one who has helped him move in a “positive direction.”

In the video above, see how Kaden reacts when Dr. Phil asks her about some of her claims, including that she has X-ray vision and, that she was a former ICU nurse. And, does Matthew believe in Kaden's "psychic abilities"? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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