“I know the shooter,” says Emma Gonzalez, a former classmate of accused Florida school gunman, Nikolas Cruz. She is currently a student at Stoneman Douglas High where 17 people were killed and another 15 injured on Valentine’s Day. Cruz is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder for the shooting. He has not yet made a plea.

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Emma says she used to ride the bus with Cruz, who she claims has been saying “offensive, rude, and annoying things in class,” since the sixth grade.

What A Teen Says Accused Florida School Shooter Texted To Him Just Before Attack

“I don’t want anyone to think that he is mentally unstable, says Emma. “I’m pretty darn sure that he is just a sociopath that cannot be charged as an insanity plea.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil reviews the core personality traits and behaviors he says experts have determined are common to school shooters.

“Number one: they do tend to have a lack of self-control,” he says in the video above.

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'He Disliked A Lot Of People,' Says Former Teacher Of Accused Florida School Shooter