Jodee says her husband, Charlie, has spent the last dozen years cluttering up their home, outbuildings, and vehicles with junk. She claims he’s a hoarder and says they argue about the problem at least once a week.

“It’s hard for me to be motivated to clean or do stuff for her when all she does is criticize,” says Charlie. He says he’s a collector, not a hoarder, and that Jodee exaggerates about the clutter and disorder in their lives.

Jodee and Charlie both say it’s an ongoing issue that has impacted their marriage.

What are the characteristics of a hoarder? Watch Dr. Phil review the ‘Hoarder Checklist’ in the video above. When he asks Charlie, “Have you ever done any reading or studying as to why hoarders hoard,” how does Charlie respond?

This episode, “Help! Our Home is One Big Storage Unit!” airs Wednesday.

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WATCH: ‘When She’s Throwing Stuff Away, It Feels Like I’m Losing Something,’ Says Man Whose Wife Claims He’s Hoarding

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