Police say Shannon Ivey was murdered sometime in 2016, but his body was not found until 2018. It had been wrapped in a carpet and kept in a cold, dark storage unit belonging to his wife, Toni, mummifying for nearly two years. They say that there’s nothing left to investigate since Toni is now dead.  

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Shannon’s family, however, says they believe there’s more to the mysterious death. Shannon’s ex-wife, Melanie, his son, Lance, and his sister, Heather, say they believe there was probably another person involved, and that there were forgeries made to documents by Toni – giving her power of attorney and Shannon’s money – and they want answers.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews Shannon’s purported signature and Toni’s actual signature, pointing out the similarities. He also reviews a timeline of events surrounding Shannon’s death.
On Friday, Dr. Phil and life coach Mike Bayer offer advice to Lance, who has blamed himself for his father’s death and is struggling to move forward without answers. Check here to see where you can watch.