Lindsey says she’s not the biggest fan of her former stepfather, Brent, but that doesn’t mean she believes her younger sister, Kendall’s, allegation that he molested her.

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“I lived with him for ten years of my life and he’s always been really respectful,” says Lindsey, dismissing the teenager’s claim. She insists that the 14-year-old’s accusations are full of inconsistencies.

WATCH: ‘I Can’t Even Believe That This Is Happening,’ Says Dad Who Denies Daughter’s Claim Of Molestation

“My fear two years ago, was that she would say something like this about me,” says Kendall’s stepfather, Anthony, in the video above. Kendall previously accused him of threatening her. Since then, he says, he’s been distancing himself from her.

Why does Dr. Phil say he believes Kendall has “weaponized” her lies to hurt her family? What's his plan to help them through this crisis?

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