Trisha’s husband, Sean, says he once supported her internet activities, but now says he doesn’t want their lives online for the world to see. Trisha live streams their lives on YouTube several hours a day.

Trisha was asked to leave the Dr. Phil stage along with Wendy, a subscriber of Trisha’s channel when the two women began shouting at one another after Wendy accused Trisha of playing a role in the suicide of another woman; a claim Trisha vehemently denies. Trisha collapsed to the floor as she was being escorted off, prompting Sean to reaffirm his desire to get her to stop streaming.

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Trisha says she’s depressed and refers to her streaming habit as an “addiction,” but Dr. Phil says he doesn’t think that’s accurate.

“I’m not sure that addiction is the right word because I think addiction really should be reserved for physiological dependency sort of things,” he tells Sean. “But, she certainly has become obsessed with this and many people do. She hasn’t invented this. She’s become obsessed with it. And, she says it gives her instant gratification.”

Dr. Phil says he has a plan to help Trisha stop obsessively streaming. “I think I can give you the formula for success,” he says. Does she agree to take his advice? Tune in to part two of this two-part episode airing Tuesday.

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