Jonathan says that his ex-wife, Jessica, believes she’s going blind. He claims she’s taken more than 900 pictures of her eyes to prove they have “shifted” and that she has episodes where she rocks back and forth and walks in circles to ease the pain in her head.

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Jonathan, however, says he doesn’t believe his ex-wife is really going blind and he says multiple doctors have agreed. His mother, Kathleen, claims Jessica may be faking the whole thing” because she wants attention.

In the video above from Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil offers Jonathan and Kathleen theories as to why Jessica may believe she is going blind.

“I believe she believes this 100%,” Dr. Phil says. “I wrote a book a long time ago where I talked about the 10 laws of life and Life Law number 6 is there is no reality, only perception. Her reality is what she perceives to be going on. She perceives she is going blind.”

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Dr. Phil explains that Jessica’s behavior may be due to a somatic disorder or a conversion disorder. Watch the video above for his explanation. And, Dr. Phil sent Jessica to meet with Dr. Vivek Patel, Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and the Director of Neuro Ophthalmology at USC Keck School of Medicine and a top ophthalmologist. Hear what he says about Jessica’s eyes and vision.

On Monday’s episode, hear from Jessica. Why does she say she is adamant that she’s going blind? And, can Dr. Phil help bring this family back together? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why A Mom Says She’s Convinced She’s Going Blind