Dawn admits that she doesn’t like her daughter, Kristina’s, fiancé, Troy. She claims he is “brainwashing” Kristina, “alienating” her from the family, and is uneducated with a “fourth grade reading level.”

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“He doesn’t deserve her. He is taking advantage of her. He is using her life skills to better himself, and he is riding on her coattails, and he has nothing to offer my daughter,” Dawn says passionately to Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode.
In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Dawn about the accusations she has made against Troy – and asks for proof. What does she say is her proof?

WATCH: ‘I Haven’t Done Anything Wrong,’ Says Man Accused Of ‘Brainwashing’ His Fiancée
On Friday, hear what Troy and Kristina say about their relationship – and Dawn’s behavior. Does Dawn want to change? Check here to see where you can watch.