Kari and her mom, Michele, say they fear for the life of Kari’s sister, Amanda. The women say Amanda is a severe alcoholic who has died twice and now lives with a pacemaker. The women also say that Amanda’s living environment in her father, Steve’s, home, which they claim is full of trash and excess stuff, is contributing to her addiction.

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“Her father’s house is one step below a homeless encampment; it looks that bad,” Michele says. “As long as Amanda stays in that house with him, I don’t think the cycle of drinking will end.”

“My dad is very delusional when it comes to my sister drinking,” Kari adds.

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Steve, however, says his house is not a “disaster zone,” and he claims he’s trying to help Amanda. He admits he’s given his daughter alcohol to help with her withdrawals but realized that didn’t work.

In the video above, Dr. Phil explains to Steve what it means to enable another person and how he has been enabling Amanda. Is Steve ready to change his behavior? And on Friday, hear from Amanda. Check here to see where you can watch.

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