Sisters Vanessa and Elena say that it’s difficult for them to have a relationship with their father, Larry, because his wife, Carly, always gets in the way. They claim that Carly has always been clingy and overbearing, but since she was electrocuted and almost died, her behavior has gotten worse.
“My dad is at Carly’s beck and call, and I don’t think he can enjoy the life that I truly think he should be living,” Vanessa says. “She is completely glued to my dad’s hip, and I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve seen my dad go anywhere by himself.”

Elena adds, “My dad is always a fixer, and he’s constantly fixing things with her – but fixing things with her is breaking us.”
Carly denies the stepdaughters’ claims that she is using the accident as an excuse to be possessive over Larry.
Dr. Phil shares his thoughts with the family. “You can endear yourself to your husband forevermore by supporting his relationship with his children,” he tells Carly. “The bond between a father and his children is so strong that it will never be broken.”
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On Thursday's episode, "Survived Electrocution, But Barely Living," Dr. Phil sent Carly to a leading expert in neuroradiology to conduct an in-depth brain scan to see if Carly’s behavior could be the result of a brain injury. What will the results reveal? Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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