Donna has been raising her three grandchildren for the last six years since her daughter was incarcerated. She says Emilie, the middle child, has caused her nothing but problems. She says the teen smokes marijuana, skips school, rages, and has stolen her mother, Nancy’s, car and caused thousands of dollars in damage. Donna says she was at her wits’ end with how to handle Emilie, so she sent her to live with Nancy.
Nancy says Emilie has no respect for authority and doesn’t behave any better with her.

Fourteen-year-old Emilie admits she has been rebellious, but she and her sister, Hannah, claim the teen isn’t the problem – it’s their grandparents. Emilie says her grandparents have told her she’s not going to amount to anything – and she’s even gotten into physical altercations with her grandmother.
Dr. Phil shares advice on how the family can heal.
“Children have a way to figure out why everything that goes wrong in their life is somehow their fault,” he says to Donna and Nancy. “This relationship is broken, and you can stop that.”
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This episode, "'Three Generations of Problems,'" airs Wednesday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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