Tammy and Mark, claim their daughter-in-law, Katrina, is a manipulative, mentally ill, vindictive narcissist. They also claim the self-proclaimed “witch,” or Wiccan, has their son, Cory, completely under her spell, isolating Cory from friends and family -- and they haven’t spoken to him in over a year.
Cory says he’s not being “controlled” or “brainwashed” by his wife. He claims his mom and stepdad are the problem, and that they have refused to accept Katrina and treat her horribly.

The family sees each other for the first time in over a year and faces off on Dr. Phil’s stage on Tuesday. Watch what happens here.
Dr. Phil tells Tammy what he believes she must do if she wants to rebuild her relationship with Cory. See how she responds in the video above. And, hear Dr. Phil’s important lesson for Cory.
This episode, "My Daughter-in-Law is a Witch and Turned My Son Against Me!”, airs Tuesday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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