Marie says she has called the police on her daughter, Willow, 25 times in the past year because her rage is out of control. She says the 15-year-old screams and yells on a daily basis, calls her “filthy whore” and “bitch,” has broken her finger, and she worries she could “potentially” kill her.
Willow admits she has been physically and mentally abusive with her mom. She says she’s an easy target because she’s always around. The teen says one of her triggers is when people tell her "no," because when she said "no" in the past, no one listened to her and she was assaulted.

Hear an argument between mother and daughter in which Willow blames her mother for being assaulted in the video above. And, Dr. Phil has some words of support for the teen.
“You are a child. That was a crime. You were raped,” Dr. Phil tells Willow. “It was not your fault!”
On Tuesday’s episode, "'My Teen is So Bad, I Called DCFS on Myself!'" hear why Willow’s mom, Marie, says she called DCFS on herself and has considered placing her daughter in foster care. And, is Willow ready to change? Hear Dr. Phil’s advice for her. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: 15-Year-Old Admits She Has Physically, Verbally, Mentally Abused Her Mom Almost Every Day For Five Years

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