Three months ago, Nick, a former honor student and college hockey player, after quitting school, says he hitchhiked across the country to pursue his dream of becoming a rap superstar.

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Since arriving in L.A. he says he’s been sleeping on sidewalks and beaches, smoking pot and struggling to find food and shelter, but Nick claims being homeless has made him stronger.

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Nick’s parents and sister say they have come to California to try to help Nick to get off the streets. When his mother asks him what his contribution will be, Nick responds: “I make music, and I make millions. That’s what.” “I’m an actor, I’m a philanthropist, I’m a visionary, I’m a mystic. Period.”

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Dr. Phil challenges Nick to assess the rationality of his behaviors. Nick agrees he has made some irrational choices in the last several months. He says he was diagnosed last summer with a major depressive disorder and has twice thought about ending his life.

Will Nick accept the help Dr. Phil is offering? Watch the video above, as Dr. Phil reaches out to this young man and his family. This episode airs Friday

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From College Athlete to Homeless Rapper: 'I Love The Rush Of Trying To Survive'