Sam says her husband Steve is often angry, arrogant and uncompromising. She claims he’s constantly angry with her and antagonistic toward their 10-year-old son.

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Steve, who claims there’s a lot of conflict in the marriage due to lack of intimacy as well as their son’s behavior issues, admits he gets frustrated and sometimes raises his voice. He claims that Sam is uncommunicative, and refuses to talk to him about their problems.

Steve says, “I’d like to know why every time I try to talk and ask questions, I have always gotten, ‘It’s never a good time to talk about us.’?”

“Sometimes, you’re getting me when I’m having to go pick up our son, to take him to an activity,” replies Sam.

Watch the video above to hear how the couple responds when Dr. Phil tells them, “You guys talk about topics, not issues.” And, what does he say to the couple about what they claim is their mutual frustration with each other and their marriage?

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