Alexandra, 25, and Victoria, 20, say their father, Steve, has over protected and controlled them their entire lives, and that’s impacted their ability to function as adults.

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Steve says he was only trying to protect his girls by shielding them from anything that might cause them to lose their innocence of childhood- including not allowing them to watch the news, and not exposing them to people or things that he thought were inappropriate.

He says he realizes now that the job of a parent “is to prepare their children for the next stage of life.”

Dr. Phil tells Steve, “You recognize, a lot of what you’re doing here is not working because you’re not preparing them for the next level of life. So, you’ve got to change what you’re doing. You’ve got to start saying, ‘I need to do whatever I can to support their independence, to build some competencies here.’”

Does Steve agree?

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Sisters Claim Dad Is Still Trying To Control Them Even Though They’re Adults