Bethany admits she’s still using heroin several times a day, despite recently being in a medically induced coma and having open-heart surgery due to the effects of her IV drug habit. Her parents, Charlotte and Clyde, say they’re heartbroken, and don’t know what to do; while sister, Abby, and brother, Josh, say they’re angry and disgusted that Bethany is still using.

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“It’s frustrating, it’s so frustrating just to see her throw her life away and waste, waste all this precious time on drugs and, and these terrible things that are-- that we’ve heard today that she’s been doing. It’s just, it’s just sad and it’s heartbreaking,” says Josh.

“It just makes me angry,” says Abby. “She doesn’t care about her family. She cares about heroin.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil explains to Bethany's family why at this point, she couldn’t stop using heroin if she wanted to. Is there still hope for Bethany to turn her life around?

This episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find your local listing.

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