Jerry Sr. admits that he has given his son, Jerry Jr., more than $3 million, claiming the money is needed to save his life. The father says his son is addicted to heroin and crack, and the money he provides goes toward paying off bills, paying attorney fees and buying him safe luxury cars.

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Jerry Sr. also admits that he has recently resorted to taking his son to buy drugs, saying he was trying to protect Jerry Jr. from getting hurt or killed.

“I’m really all Jerry has at this point,” Jerry Sr. says.

In the video above, watch what happens when Jerry Sr. drives his son to get drugs.

WATCH: Man Says He’s Given Millions To Addicted Son To ‘Keep Him Alive’

“You’re yucking it up with the drug dealer buying him heroin?” Dr. Phil asks Jerry. “This is insane behavior.”

How far is Jerry Sr. willing to go to keep his son alive? And, what does Jerry Jr. say about his own behavior. Is he ready to get clean? Watch more on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can tune in.


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