“The district attorney gave me an order of protection,” says Chrissy Monroe, former cast member of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She claims that for the past three years, she’s been cyberstalked, bullied and harassed by Mercuree, a cable access talk show host from Brooklyn.

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“She kept posting this order of protection for a good year and a half,” Mercuree responds, adding, “It was for someone else.” Mercuree adamantly denies Chrissy’s allegations, claiming it’s Chrissy who has been obsessed with her.

Watch the video above as the women each detail how the authorities, friends, and others have become involved in their ongoing feud.

“Just stop,” Dr. Phil advises the women on Monday’s episode. “You say you want this to end, you say you want this to be over, but you behave like you thrive on drama and crisis.”

Can Dr. Phil convince Mercuree and Chrissy to leave one another alone?

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