Brittany says she was devastated when she learned that her boyfriend and father of her unborn child was leading a double life and was engaged to another woman. She says she turned to the Dr. Phil show for help and to prevent other women from falling into the same trap that she had fallen into.

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When the Dr. Phil show staff began to research Brittany’s background, they found information suggesting that Brittany had a history of harassing men and fabricating pregnancies, births and infant deaths. Two of her former friends appeared on the show and claimed they, too, were duped by Brittany. One of them claimed she told her she was pregnant with twins, and the other claimed that Brittany told her she had given birth to two stillborn babies – both of which were lies.

Two men also spoke to the show and claimed they had been victimized by Brittany. Watch their stories here and here.

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On Tuesday’s episode when Dr. Phil begins to question Brittany about her past, she calls for a ‘time-out’ and walks off stage. After meeting her backstage, Dr. Phil finally gets the chance to speak with Brittany about her alleged behavior.

“You have been through a pattern of claiming that you were pregnant when you were not. You have falsified documents to the court. You have been convicted of that. You now have these warrants out for your arrest. You continue to make these claims when you know they’re not true. The question that I have is why?” he asks her in the video above. “You’re going to continue to get in trouble if you don’t stop doing what you’re doing.”

Brittany tells Dr. Phil she’s “working on things.”

“The only way that you’re going to get any help begins with being honest,” he reiterates.

Dr. Phil offers to refer Brittany to in-patient treatment to help get her on a better path. Tune in Tuesday to see if she will accept and go. Check here to see where you can watch.

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