After taking a plea which did not require him to admit wrongdoing 10 years ago, Steve was convicted of sexual abuse and had to register as a sex offender. But he adamantly denies the accusations and maintains his innocence. He says his former stepdaughters, Jessica, Amber and Brittney, were brainwashed by their mother to lie about being abused – and that he has the evidence to prove that they lied to put him in jail.

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Brittney claims that Steve physically and sexually abused her and that she would hide when he would come home, afraid of what he may do.

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Responding to Brittney’s allegations, Steve says, “Almost all the time I was there, she vied for my love. She tried to cuddle up to me. She tried to get close to me … If I was such a monster, why would she constantly want my affection and my love for her?”

“I was a child without her father!” Brittney responds.

Dr. Phil adds, “I don’t know whether you’ve done any, all, or part of the things that you’re accused of doing, but you have the worst judgment of anybody I can imagine. Are you seriously asking me why a child would vie for a father figure’s love?”

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Sisters Confront Ex-Stepdad Who They Claim Molested Them For Years